About Us

Beach Holidays love helping you plan your dream holiday.

How often have you not ‘lost’ several hours, dreaming and captivated by the allure of travelling to exotic destinations?

Flicking through brochures.  Surfing the web.  Daydreaming.  Creating awesome Pinterest travel boards.

Your list gets longer and longer, as your mind is overstimulated with the desire to travel.

This is where we step in & help you.

We take your ideas, sort through them, and find you the best deals in the market.

Your holiday choices are endless…

  • Luxury bush and beach breaks,
  • Romantic or family fun holidays,
  • Swanky weddings and group events,
  • Dreamy honeymoons or
  • Just good old fashioned self-indulgent getaways!

Do you need help planning your dream trip?

Our Beach Holiday travel experts are ready to help you create your perfect holiday.

Booking your holiday with Beach Holidays is easy.

Step 1 – Dream

Step 2 – Plan

Step 3 – Book & Enjoy

Not only that, as an independent travel agency, but we have also teamed up with trusted preferred partners and much-loved travel brands.  Together we have been perfecting the art of holidays for over 65 years.

We strive to bring you the best airfares.  Great value for money travel deals, and excellent service.

The only thing left for you to do is pack your bags and jet off to your exotic destination.

Choose Beach Holidays.

Making your dreams come true is important to us.

Carpe Diem!